Rules & Guidlines
  1. Terms of Service will be followed.
    The Terms of Service apply as a part of the guidlines.
  2. LEAKED.SITE will not be used for illegal purposes.
    This website is meant to be used for personal security research, any other activity is disallowed.
  3. Reselling Account is not allowed.
    This includes sharing account, or giving people free searches.
  4. Do not ask to "Crack Hashes".
    We will not do illegal things for you.
  5. All Payments are Final.
    We will not offer refunds, if you have doubts do not purchase the service.
  6. You may not harm the service.
    This includes DoS/DDoS, spamming, hacking user accounts, and so on.
  7. Automation is not allowed.
    Do not create scripts to automatically search the database.
  8. Punishments are Final.
    Unless there is some misunderstanding, if you are banned this is final.
  9. You are fully responsible for what you do with this service.
    We are not responsible for what you do on this service, and we comply with legal investigations.
Terms of Service
 Violation of these Terms will result in being banned and possibly reported to authorities.
 We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time.
 You may use this service only as it was intended to.
 By logging in, registering, buying, and using our services you agree to the Terms.
 LEAKED.SITE does not and cannot verify all data. But we do as much as we can.
 LEAKED.SITE does not intentionally provide private info. Subscribers can request removal.
 LEAKED.SITE is not directly responsible for damages from this service.
 Do not attempt to abuse the service.

 Reselling account is not allowed.
 Sharing a single account with multiple users is not allowed.
 Free searches is considered sharing account.
 If sharing or reselling of account is caught, the account will be terminated with no refund.
 Everything on your account is yours, and only yours.
 You are not allowed to make multiple accounts.

 You may not directly harm anyone with this service.
 Services like this may be banned in your country, use this at your own risk.
 LEAKED.SITE is not responsible for legal issues.
 We will not help you crack hashes in the database.

 All payments are final.
 All payment info is logged.
 Charging back will result in you being banned & further action may be pursued.
 Charging back via PayPal will result in dispute.
 Subscriptions purchased via Shoppy.gg will follow their ToS as well.
 LEAKED.SITE has the right to refuse service to anyone in a non-discriminatory way.

 You may not pretend to harm the service.
 You may not actually harm the service.
 If you attempt to automate searching you will be banned immediately without question.
 If CloudFlare decides to block your IP, that decision is final.

 All data we collect such as payment info, IP addresses, device and browser information are strictly used for LEAKED.SITE internally.
 Your personal information will not leave the website or be sold to third parties.
 The pages you visit are logged for security reasons, we do not log searches or other information.

 The API will be locked down to 3 IP addresses.
 There are unlimited uses, but spamming the service will result in a ban.
 Making your own API Service with this is not allowed.
 Adding VPN IP's to whitelist is not allowed.

 We are not responsible for what third party services do.
 We are not responsible for any Adsense advertisements displayed on this site.

 We comply fully with police investigations.
 All data on LEAKED.SITE is legal and if you have a problem with the data it can be removed.
Updated on: 10/26/2019 (mm.dd.yyyy)